Friday, 11 February 2011

Jazzy Babes

Recommended by a friend in the know, I awoke this morning to the music of The Illersapiens, and these jazzy babes managed for the first time in awhile to actually get out of bed.

It seems to me that Britain’s music just keeps getting sexier and the 7-piece Hip-Hop Instrumental band, consisting of the gorgeous, soulful vocals of KatyB and energetic, witty lyrics of instigator/rapper Mr. Man are exactly the refreshing explosion of a sound that provides the crucial bit of something a little different.
 Fusing the very best combination Jazz, Break-Beat, Hip-Hop, Reggae, and some Drum and Base, this South London band inject a feeling of positivity and vibrancy into every horn blow and drum beat. Every song on their first 5 song EP, ‘Elevate’ is as brilliant as the next.

There isn’t as track on it that doesn’t leave you craving a drink and a dance on a summer’s day. Their songs Brixton, Ina Daze and Sweetness are particularly good, Brixton in particular stands out as one to put on the forefront of any playlist, but I couldn’t find a version on Youtube so will just give you a little hint with Ina Daze.

Hope you should.   

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