Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Kitty Luxe

Noticed this article in the Evening Standard...

"Horace the top-cat is feline spoilt"

An article about a ginger cat lounging about on £500-a-metre silk would obviously catch my attention; reclining, Cats and a bit-o-ginge being some of my favourite things. But as a scoffed to myself on the train two parts in particular cracked me up: 

"One-year-old Horace, who has a penchant for designer goods"

"He chooses the most expensive silk materials to lounge on and spends his days admiring himself in the shop's full-length mirror, while being fussed over by clients."

Let's not forget this is a cat...but you've gotta admit, choosing to lie on a Marcel Breuer chair & Harrods bed- Cat's got some taste.

I like this cat. I want to be this cat...maybe I could be this cat.

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