Monday, 21 November 2011

Perfect Pout

Haven't done a post in awhile so thought I write about something worthwhile...Lipstick.

Slapping on a bit of ruby lips is something I rely on a little too much. I love it. Searching the beauty counters to find the best shades and brands I have tried my fair share of beauts and dull duds. So when I heard Soap&Glory were producing a new make-up range I jumped at the chance to try this little baby out and I wasn't disappointed. 

Their collagen boosting Lipstick 'Super Colour FabuLipstick' in three shades: Naked Beige, Red my Lips and Perfect Day are all you could ever want to plaster on your pout. 
It smells divine, looks divine and stays on for hours...I couldn't find fault.  

The product is amazing- and for only £9 its a Lipstick to be layered on like there's no tomorrow.

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