Saturday, 24 September 2011


If any season could be more me its Autumn/Winter

The sun has never been my friend.

Even though I have offered my body up to it on numerous occasions it spurns my advances.

Choosing not to give me the golden bronzed bod’ that I have always craved but a threatening red glow like it has repeatedly slapped me HARD all over- which, once faded leaves me a slither of a shade less pale than before and a few million freckles for keepsakes...

Needless to say getting my pale pins out as I wilt in a heat that apparently no-one else feels, is not my favourite time of the year.

Due to this I have sought comfort in the suggestive layers and casual chic of the winter wardrobe...and if I do say myself...I do it well.

Which brings me onto this post. My task this a/w is the BOOT.

Sadly I will never look lush in a loafer nor will my shape ever be suited to a brogue, as unbelievably unhappy as this makes me as I adore both of these styles of shoe I have come to terms with it. Just! GAH the pains of my genes fail me once more...

HOWEVER the one shining style that saves my sad shoe heart is the boot.

Give me a good boot and I will genuinely be happy for weeks if not years on end.

My collection that sits proudly on display across the side of my room comes in an array of styles: from biker boot, cheeky ankle grazers, sexy thigh-highs or my personal fave -the riding boot.

The boot is my ultimate foot fetish.

Yet as I move to London to start work at an online Women's Lifestyle Magazine hoping to show off my collection, 3 of my greatest treasures break beyond repair.

Gasp i know...

Now in this city that celebrates the cosmopolitan idea of variation, whilst also a English style which is almost indefinable in its changeability and a focus upon unique design, you would think I would be able to find a good boot with ease....

Well think again.

Much to my surprise I've found my perfect match!!

Usually it is incredibly difficult for me to decide on a boot, I have to fall completely head over heels in love before I fish out my rather pathetic looking wallet, preferring to opt for classic investment pieces rather than the impulses of fleeting trends.

But as I skulk around certain Oxford St. stores feeling like I am cheating on my sturdy, reliable bank account getting a thrill from every empty sole that I slide my little foot into I stop as I find THE most stunning pair of boots.

A Carvela Kurt Geiger pair of riding boots in tan and a patent black leather. I am taken-aback-they are possibly the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

As I wait excitedly as the shop assistant disappears to find my size I get that horrible tinge of guilt, staring down into my purse I know that I will never be able to afford them, but surely trying them on won't hurt?..will it?


It has been 3 days and I cannot get them out of my head.

And so, I have decided, with a memorable quote from one Oprah Winfrey, that I shall go back, whip out my card and purchase the beauties, after all that I reckon my stunning new lifestyles needs boots that befit it....

"I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes" Oprah Winfrey.

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