Saturday, 3 September 2011

Sexy Non?

Skimming through the pages of each magazine and website showcasing the looks of this Autumn/Winter made me think.

Really, what is sexy?

For all the attention to erotic chic in the coming season, I tried to picture what I ultimately think are the styles that emulate the certain je ne sais quoi that each woman tries to achieve…

I absorbed the images of models in leather skirts, metallic trousers, outrageous horse bit jewellery and larger than life vampy shoes  and couldn’t help but look back to the women that to me personally epitomise sex…

Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin are two of the women that I have always looked upon as the ultimate of everything an alluring woman should be. Blasting out a combined sexual energy that resembles something of a sensual foghorn, the two not only produce an essence of screaming lust in every single image but also have a timeless elegance that is hard to come by.

It is probably my penchant for France and the aura that surrounds the sensuality of the French woman that draws me to them, even though Birkin is ‘French’ through Gainsbourg. Yet although the international reputation for the female francais as a lascivious femme-fatale come agent provocateur shown by the braless, rear cheek skimming wardrobe of Birkin, and the unimaginable flesh baring curves of Bardot, the main thing that these women share is the sense to know when and more importantly HOW to cover up.

Despite having some of the raunchy-ist auras in history there is something about them which oozes sophisticated sex rather than the outright plastic eroticism of some parts of todays’ runway.

Maybe I’m being blind-sighted by the fact that I fear I will see too much flesh that really ought not to be seen bursting from the seams of the unfortunates that follow trend instead of personal style. But all I know is that this season SEX in capital letters is on the scene and it is a hard one to pull off from runway to reality. 
Personally I had a particularly ridiculous wake-up call when clearing my house to find that one entire suitcase was full of sweaters, knits and various jumpers that maybe I wasn’t quite the sophisticated sensual fashionista that I once thought I was.

However I can take comfort in the fact that the styles of these women- particularly Bardot- is quite like my own. Preferring the au natural, a delicate combination of baring all or nothing, so to speak!

What struck me most about the two was the fact that the more subtle and simple the style, the sexier the effect. 

The careful balance between suggestion and overt sexuality kept these two babes smouldering like the suggestive cigarettes lolling between their lips all the way from the sixties. 

The casual tees, plain sweats, subtle d├ęcolletage, LBDs, blazers and scarfs made me realise that my unshakeable love of the art of plain yet suggestive dressing wasn't so absurd after all.  

If the sexiest women in the world can get away with a ridiculous jumper, jean and scarf combination rather than going all out why can't I? 

Surely that makes sense?

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