Tuesday, 27 September 2011


The single best news this week for one reason and one reason only...

Now there's an excuse to wear sunglasses all year round without looking like a total arse. Brilliant!

So next time I supress the urge to whip out my sunglasses even though August is loooong gone (taking this act's acceptability with it) I can think again.  

No-longer will I deny myself, no, no more! I shall reach for my lenses and wear them with pride. 

But there may be a particularly strong underlying reason for my enthusiasm this year though…. American 
Apparel’s new Vintage sunglasses range- Deadstock Vintage Eyewear.

I’ve spent many a minute lusting over these little beauties. I can’t get enough, I’m practically drooling. Every pair is so totally babe-ish it’s astonishing how someone has put them so conveniently in one place. 

This pair of stunners is one of my absolute favourites, I mean come on, how could you not!
Take a look and see, I promise they won’t disappoint. 

So thankyou Indian Summer you’re a god-send.

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