Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Turban Trend

If there is one piece that I want to firmly establish in my 2012 wardrobe, it's the turban.

 Ever since I found the picture from my gorgeous parents' wedding day I have been slightly obsessed. Apart from my mother looking stunning in her demure white dress, it was my grandmother's outfit that caught my eye. 

My Nana, sporting a velvet green maxi wrap-around silk number with a matching emerald green turban perfectly placed on her super tanned bod was captivating. She looked divine - she has the annoying way of always looking effortlessly elegant. Even when introducing my boyfriend to my Nana (age 70+) I was met with "Cor your Nan's hot"...

So at a time when the winter hat is having its fifteen minutes of fashion fame, I will turn my attentions to its casually cool partner. When the outlook for 2012 is looking so bleak in many ways, the turban represents a piece of the opulence which seems to be capturing everyone's fashion focus.
Also, with celebs like Olivia Palmero (this girl can do no wrong) opting to ditch the dire beanie and don a touch of the debonair, the turban is getting the recognition that it deserves. 

The one piece of retro revival that I will firmly hang on to - it seems my Nana was doing something right! 

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